This article from the American Art Collector published in February 2014  best describes my artistic vision:

Hilary’s large-scale oil paintings on canvas magnify the splendour of flowers through prisms of decorative glass and mirrors using a myriad of hues and orientations. Looking at glass as a repository and refractor of light, her palatial landscapes mirror dream, life and reality. Orienting visual matter seamlessly in the space of the canvas, her works occupy the transfixing border between object and apparition. Through this close observation, Hilary delivers a world of hidden beauty and possibilities, latent until discovered and translated into her vibrant, visual language. Her richly varied perspectives lend everyday objects an almost monumental grandeur when placed in unexpected environments--overlooking rolling hills, backed by distant blue mountains and threatening skies, or against the ocean’s sparkle. 

“In looking at the real world with great attention, in fixing my gaze on reality, reality is transformed into a kind of marvelous dream,” explains Hilary.  “I have gradually become passionately attentive to the most ordinary things that constitute the decor of my life. In my paintings I expose a new consciousness which observes and reveals hidden secrets that are there for us for the taking.   In my paintings I want to express that feeling of marvel, and share my heightened awareness and the mystery of my vision.  The world of everyday objects hold surprises for whoever looks at it attentively.  The focus of my work is to invite you to share my visions of moments of colour and light that may dazzle and delight your senses. “

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